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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Guard Clay Sculpt Process

As a gift for Alison and Dave (Groove Quantize) for their brilliant sound design work on Still Life,
I made a figurine of the films protagonist. Though I originally planned to have it 3D printed, technical issues led me to change my approach. All I would need is wire for a very quick armature, Super Sculpey air dry clay, sculpting tools, Spray paint and acrylic paints mixed with water based polyurethane.

Ready for baking

After over cooking him, leaving burnt patches made him look like salami, plus his hands disconnected form his thighs which had to be stuck back with Araldite. I then spray painted a white undercoat evenly. After air drying it for 15 minutes I then moved onto the brush painting with the acrylic/varnish mix.

 After enduring many uncomfortable positions, the guard was finally ready for a final coat of clear varnish.

 Recognise anything from the film?

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