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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Guard Clay Sculpt Process

As a gift for Alison and Dave (Groove Quantize) for their brilliant sound design work on Still Life,
I made a figurine of the films protagonist. Though I originally planned to have it 3D printed, technical issues led me to change my approach. All I would need is wire for a very quick armature, Super Sculpey air dry clay, sculpting tools, Spray paint and acrylic paints mixed with water based polyurethane.

Ready for baking

After over cooking him, leaving burnt patches made him look like salami, plus his hands disconnected form his thighs which had to be stuck back with Araldite. I then spray painted a white undercoat evenly. After air drying it for 15 minutes I then moved onto the brush painting with the acrylic/varnish mix.

 After enduring many uncomfortable positions, the guard was finally ready for a final coat of clear varnish.

 Recognise anything from the film?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Life Landscape developement

Various test renders testing the lighting settings, compositions, render layers and colour correction.

Large textures were painted in 3d coat, then applied to the material which was then combined with tiled grass textures along with Specular and Normal maps

The Landscape mostly modelled, unwrapped and marked with the placement of features so that Will could populate it with the farms and houses
Another texture test, this time a drawn texture that tiled around the hill
I originally test texturing techniques on a small hill, I tried to get a painterly effect by manually drawing in colours and tones and at the time wasn't sure how much it should resemble the painting, here I used a bump map to get a canvas texture however it was unnecessary considering the ground was going to be covered in grass 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Chronicles of the Guard

Texturing and clothing Progress with 3D Coat
Tadaa! Rigged and with props

Skin test,
in Maya

Base Mesh for Security Guard in Blender

Concept and Matt Paintings complete!

It's been many late nights but worth the while, Still Life is in it's final stage of post-production. I'm happy with the way the protagonist AKA The Guard has come to life from being a mere shell of polygons to an living, breathing, feeling, being with soul... too far. Though at least the animations are doing him justice. I've been playing around with various drawing software to get the painterly strokes across. Though Photoshop and Sketchbook have been good for clean lines and editing, I found My Paint (Free), Manga Studio and Art Rage best for paintings featured in the gallery scene.